What is the Lesser Magistrate Doctrine?

The Lesser Magistrate Doctrine teaches that when the superior or higher ranking civil authority makes immoral/unjust laws or policies, the lower or lesser ranking civil authority has both a right and duty to refuse obedience to that superior authority. Read Moreabout “What is the Lesser Magistrate Doctrine?”


An Examination of Romans 13

This short article is written to give three convincing proofs that Romans 13 does not teach that we are to give unlimited obedience to the State as some Christian men teach. “O king, I have committed no crime against you.” – Daniel 6:22 Read Moreabout “An Examination of Romans 13”


The Laws of a Nation should Mirror the Law and Justice of God

Good law, which affirms or mirrors the law and justice of God, helps men to see their need for Christ. Bad law, that contravenes and spurns the law and justice of God, assists men in ignoring and/or justifying their sin. Hence, the laws of a nation go to the very salvation of men’s souls. Read Moreabout “The Laws of a Nation should Mirror the Law and Justice of God”


Revolt of the Sheriffs in Illinois

County Sheriffs in Illinois are defying the unconstitutional actions of the state. 80 of the 102 counties have now declared their defiance of the so-called “assault weapons ban” in Illinois. The defiance of the sheriffs

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