1-Minute Video Promoting Release of County Before Country Talks

We give praise to Christ! We had a packed house Tuesday evening, November 30th at our County Before Country Express Talks – about 500 people gathered – all tickets available were taken! And the best of all was how strongly the presence of Christ was there. It was powerful!

We have received stellar and rave reviews from those who attended. They loved the format and the content. Many expressed how good it was to hear Christian thought applied to such needed topics in this hour.

Many older people also noted how encouraged they were to see so many young people present.

We view these talks as a gift to the Body of Christ – and pray they are so.

So what comes next?

We are releasing the Talks in early January 2022 – about a month from now.

Here is the link to our first video promoting the release of the Talks in early January 2022.


It is one minute and 20 seconds.

Please share this video everywhere to inform others and build interest!