4-Minute video Compilation of Massive Protests Around the World – all censored by American Media.

Here is a 4-minute video compilation of massive protests – just in December – against vaccine passports and all the other draconian measures being imposed by the governments of men. People are fighting for their lives. Note how many countries.

Understand – though the majority march lockstep to their enslavement and the media censors all that does not fit their narrative – you are not alone.  

Meanwhile, if you think it cannot happen here in America – check out this 8-minute video. The police have begun to arrest people in New York for not having a vaccine passport when trying to buy food at restaurants.

John Knox made clear that when the lesser magistrates fail to interpose – it is the duty of the people themselves to interpose.

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The doctrine of the lesser magistrates is demonstrated by the interposition of lesser civil authorities. When the superior authority (like a governor or federal judiciary) acts lawlessly – it is the duty of the lesser magistrates to  interpose and not obey their unlawful actions. The lesser magistrate doctrine was first formalized by Christian men in 1550, but has also been seen in non-Christian nations showing it is natural to man.

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