7-minute video Chronicles Newbie taking Christ to the Magistrates

Three years ago, we began to teach people how to speak to the magistrates – and a strange thing has happened – people are doing it! People are now regularly speaking to the magistrates privately but also publicly! People have been going to meet with governors, attorney generals, legislators, common councils, and even law enforcement officers. And it is having an amazing impact.

Here is a link to a short 7-minute video of a young brother named Mauricio Belgrano who called us just a few weeks ago to get some advice and training to prepare for meeting with magistrates. He had never done it before. After we spoke and sent him some materials, he then went out and spoke to the magistrates who make up the City Council in Jacksonville, Florida about abortion in their city. The video chronicles what he did – showing the simple steps and what is involved. Please take time to watch the video – and understand – anyone can do this.

Christians speaking to the magistrates in the public realm is needed and necessary.

The infusion of Christian thought into the minds and hearts of the magistrates is of huge importance in our day. And it is taking the magistrates by storm. Those who have some Christian background see that their Christian faith does have something to do with their office as a magistrate. The wicked magistrates are stunned that Christians have come out of their closets and are speaking to them at public meetings.

The history of Christianity reveals Christians always went to speak to the magistrates instructing them from the Word of God in their role, functions, duties, and limits. Sadly, Christians have neglected the magistrates for about the last 150 years now – and the consequences of it are evident in our nation.

We have established a mission to the magistrates – and it is causing no small stir.

Here is an article entitled Apologetics and the State.