A County Taken by Christians: Our latest 3 minute video

In February 2022, Pastor Matt Trewhella spoke on the doctrine of the lesser magistrates in five counties in Michigan – and people’s hearts were on fire! People ran for county government – and they removed the tyrants in three counties this past November! Here is our 3-minute video of four of the men who are now County Commissioners in Lapeer County, Michigan. Now that they are in authority, they are coming under attack from Whitmer and evil Michigan legislators. We must support them with our persons, property, and prayers.

This type of action can be done in your county too. Visit www.DefyTyrants.com and purchase the Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates – read it and run for office yourself, or encourage those running!

More videos will be uploaded on our Rumble channel soon.

The doctrine of the lesser magistrates is the product of Christian thought rooted in the historic Christian doctrine of interposition.

America’s founders established America as a true federalism. In a federalism all four governments established by God – self, family, church, and civil government – are important, and have their own role, functions, and limits.

In a federalism, there are multiple levels of government and multiple branches at each level, so that if any one branch begins to play the tyrant – the other branches interpose against that branch and resist them.

The role of the people is massively important to the doctrine of the lesser magistrates. The people have a duty to prod and demand their magistrates act against eviland injustice. And to assure the magistrates they will stand with them if they do right in their possession, in their persons, and in their prayers – both publicly and privately.