A Sermon Removed by Youtube: The Shot and The Tyranny of Man

by Pastor Matt Trewhella

I have told the congregation I pastor for the last six months to never get the covid vaccine. On Sunday, April 4th, I preached a sermon addressing this matter entitled: The Shot & The Tyranny of Man.

My sermon was removed by YouTube when it got near 5000 views, but it now has over 45,000 views and listens on other platforms.

In the sermon I addressed the churchmen, the government men, and the businessmen. I also laid out why we should not get the shot from practical, presuppositional, and biblical perspectives. And I addressed the danger and evil of vaccine passports.

The churchmen have either been silent about whether one should get it or not – or they have been pressing and encouraging people to get it. For example, Pastor J. D. Greear, President of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) – the largest Protestant group in the nation – posted a picture of himself on his Facebook wall getting vaccinated with the words, “#SleeveUp for a future safe from #COVID19. One step back closer to normal!”

The man is as blind. The powers that be – the evil men – have no intention of us returning to “normal.” And the more you go along to get along so you can return to normal – the more you help them accomplish their tyranny.

Meanwhile, the government men have not done their duty and stopped the false narrative of covid19. Rather, they have politicized and funded this narrative which has been built on a mountain of lies.  The government men have done this across the nation – including those here in Wisconsin.

Not a single legislature in America has done their duty and stopped one of these lawless governors, nor have they reined in the unaccountable power they granted to health officials who have spread lies and have acted like thugs.

Finally, the businessmen have gone along with the nonsense also. Demanding their employees wear masks at work, putting up big signs that one must wear a mask in their retail stores, and doing commercials which legitimize the idea in peoples’ minds that all this nonsense is necessary.

Many businesses are now paying their employees hundreds of dollars if they will get the “vaccine.” (Understand that legally – no employer can make you get the vaccine). Krispy Kreme will even give you a free donut every day for a year if you get the shot.

Because everyone has gone along with this fiction – even the people have gone along to get along by wearing masks and distancing and testing and all the other shenanigans – we are now at the place where the tyrants are constructing the next plank of their tyranny, namely, vaccine passports.

This past week the Pretender of the United States, Joe Biden, announced the federal government is taking action to implement vaccine passports nationwide.

And this should alarm you.

The Biden Administration makes it clear in their pronouncements that they intend to employ the private sector in order to see all comply with vaccine passports so that all will comply with getting the vaccine.

I have said for a year now that the government will not force you to get the vaccine – rather that they will use the private sector to make your life unbearable without the vaccine so that most will get the vaccine. And here you have it.

You will not work; you will not travel; you will not be able to shop; you will be a leper in the culture if you don’t comply. And the masking and all the other nonsense was just prep for your compliance.  Again – the more you go along to get along so you can return to normal – the more you help evil men accomplish their tyranny.

Will you now get the “vaccine” so you can continue to go along to get along?  Understand, the covid “vaccine” is not a vaccine.

I have read or listened to lectures by over a dozen doctors and health experts who have declared it is not a vaccine – and have warned people not to get it.

Please take time to watch or listen to my sermon to get all the details.

It is sad to see how many Christians trust their government – therefore they have no problem getting the shot. You do understand the government is the same people who have legalized and sustained the murder of the preborn; who allow the filth of sodomy and the perversion of same-sex marriage and promote it everywhere under the force of law; and who teach all kinds of atheism and filth to children at government schools – YET – they trust the government regarding this matter.

They think that this government has their “best interests at heart.” That their government “cares” about them. Flummoxing.

Yet – there is a large yet small minority of Christians and Americans who realize they no longer have the convenience of being indifferent to the unjust, immoral, and unconstitutional actions of their government. May we be faithful to Christ.

[The sermon – The Shot & the Tyranny of Man – was livestreamed on YouTube. After nearly 5000 views it was censored and removed by YouTube for “violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.”]

To listen to the sermon.

To watch the sermon.

Matthew Trewhella is the pastor of Mercy Seat Christian Church (MercySeat.net). He and his wife, Clara, have eleven children and reside in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. You can obtain his book The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates: A Proper Response to Tyranny and A Repudiation of Unlimited Obedience to Civil Government at Amazon.com or by going to the website www.DefyTyrants.com.