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2nd Amendment

Two Lectures on Reformation Day 2020 Part One: Why has American Christianity Believed the Lie of Covid? & Part Two: Where are Things Headed in our Nation and the Church?

Our Christmas gift to you is two lecture/sermons given by Pastor Matt Trewhella to the Mid-Atlantic Reformation Society in Pennsylvania on Reformation Day, October 31st 2020. The first lecture/sermon addresses Why the American Church has Believed the Lie of Covid?  The second lecture/sermon – Part 2 under the same

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Application of the Doctrine

Sheriffs Line-Up to Defy Governor in Wisconsin

Sheriffs are arraying themselves in defiance of the unlawful actions of Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers. Evers announced a state-wide mask mandate to take effect at midnight August 1st. Evers has no lawful authority to make such a decree. No magistrate or citizen in Wisconsin should

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