County Before Country Express Talks November 30th – a stand for freedom.

On November 30th, there will be a gathering in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that will be a powerhouse of insight and action.


County Before Country Talks are 14 to 17-minute talks (ted-talk style) on topics of critical importance.

Many people are realizing not only is Washington DC at war with them, but that their state officials are not going to protect them. Therefore, they are taking action locally – particularly at the county level – to make a stand for freedom.


The Authority of a County by Matt Trewhella

The Duty of Elders in the Face of a Tyrant Government by Derek Carlson

Building Christian Medical Structures by Gordon Donaldson D.O.

The Fragile Food Supply and Food for Life by Mike Brabo

Confronting and Defunding Government Schools by Paul Dorr

Freedom, Bravery, & Firearms: Lexington and Lessons for Today by Jason Storms

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