Citizens are Re-Taking County Government: 3-Minute Video.

Across America people are taking the doctrine of the lesser magistrates to their county officials.

This three-minute video took place on June 22nd, 2021, in Collier County, Florida in which a gentleman demands the county board do their duty and interpose against the lawless and unconstitutional actions of federal and state government. The hearing was held to see a resolution issued by the county to declare itself a Bill of Rights Sanctuary County.

Since the draconian and lawless actions of government regarding covid and the stealing of the election last November – Americans have realized across the nation that both the federal government and often their state government officials are against them and against the freedom men fought, bled, and died to establish for us. Therefore, Americans have flooded involvement in county and local politics.

This is a resurgence that has long been needed. And people are rallying at this level of government in order to make a stand and preserve their liberty and end the lawlessness of government officials.

Herbert Schlossberg wrote of county and local government in his magnum opus Idols for Destruction: Christian Faith and Its Confrontation with American Society. He states:

“After three-quarters of a century, the new nationalism has borne bitter fruit. People who have despised the right of localities to govern themselves have delivered them into the hands of federal masters. Local politicians have acquiesced in the mugging of the provinces because in return for giving up political authority they have received monetary benefits. These intermediate institutions, which formerly served to check the central power, have largely atrophied.”

The “atrophy” appears to be ending. But much work must still be done to see it take place. A new breed of government official is needed – one which fears and honors God, and understands the lawful and limited duty of magistrates.

The gentleman in the video wrote the next day: “Communist Andy Solis and Pompous Penny Taylor voted to reject supporting the Constitution and our Amendments! I will personally see to it that these disgraceful elected officials WILL NEVER hold another political office!!!! I am promising today to my fellow Americans to use every resource available to take these traitors of our country down!”

This is the heart that is needed – a hatred for evil and a love for righteousness.

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What is the doctrine of the lesser magistrates?