County Issues Resolutions in Defiance of Lawless Governor

Washington County, Wisconsin serves as an example of what counties can do to interpose and blunt tyranny and malfeasance by superior magistrates. This also serves as an example of working with and instructing your county magistrates – as well as giving them something concrete to do.

In July, the county board of Washington County, Wisconsin unanimously passed a resolution wherein they reaffirmed their oath to both the U.S. Constitution and the Wisconsin Constitution. They did this in light of all the tyranny by superior magistrates – both state and federal. There are 26 supervisors.

Now in August, the county board unanimously passed a resolution calling upon the Republican-majority legislature to interpose and check the lawless actions of Governor Tony Evers emergency declaration and masking mandate.

We have taught this doctrine in this county to both the magistrates and the people for four years now.

 The doctrine of the lesser magistrates is demonstrated when the superior authority (like a governor) acts lawlessly and attacks liberty, it is the duty of the lesser magistrates to interpose and not obey their unlawful actions. The lesser magistrate doctrine was first formalized by Christian men in 1550, but has also been seen in non-Christian nations showing it is natural to man.

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