Do the Corrupt Morals of the People Change the Laws of Government OR Does the Government Change the Laws to Corrupt the Morals of the People?

In 1947, Carle Zimmerman published his magnum opus — Family and Civilization — wherein he predicted that America would soon see divorce for any reason or no reason at all, legalized abortion, and rampant homosexuality. The renowned sociologist came to his conclusions by examining the Greek and Roman civilizations.

Zimmerman attributed the corruption of the citizens to the decline of the family.  However, he details how forces “external” to the family brought about the demise of family.  Specifically, he points to the changes in law and economics by the governments. These changes increased dependency upon the State for one’s well-being.

Zimmerman writes, “Economic institutions antithetical [directly opposed] to the family system arise with the aid and connivance of the State.” The changes in laws and policies by the government “made childlessness popular, divorce frequent.”

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