Governor Scott Walker’s Lie Exposed

Below is a link to an excellent interview of a constitutional attorney on the radio show Crosstalk. Matt Staver, founder of the national organization Liberty Council (, openly repudiates the idea that states have to do whatever the federal courts rule. He exposes Governor Scott Walker for hiding behind the lie of the lesser magistrates that “we must simply obey for the courts have ruled.”

Here’s what Mat Staver, founder of Liberty Council ( had to say about Walker’s statement to the press: “I think Scott Walker is wrong. The court’s decisions do not have any independent power. The only power that they have is if the executive [Governor Walker] chooses to enforce them.”

Staver pointed out that the court’s ruling can only be implemented by the executive branch of Wisconsin’s government. “The enforcement branch of government is the executive branch so that’s Governor Scott Walker” Staver stated. “He is the head enforcer for all of Wisconsin. If he ultimately disagreed with the constitutional interpretation of this [what the federal judge ruled], which obviously it is erroneous to strike down the marriage laws, then he has an independent obligation to make sure the [state] constitution is being complied with.”

Staver went on to cite many historical examples of state authority refusing to obey federal laws, policies, or court rulings.

Here is the link to the interview: