Idaho Governor Insists State Will Not Pay for Convict’s Transgender Surgery in Spite of Federal Court Ruling

Proving once again that the federal judiciary is the tyrant dispensing immorality and injustice across the nation, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals (located in San Francisco) ordered the state of Idaho to pay for a male convicts surgery to be made into a woman. The Court issued their ruling on Friday, August 24th and said it was a violation of the 8th Amendment’s “cruel and unusual punishment” clause for Idaho not to pay the $20,000.00 to $30,000.00 for the surgery.

Idaho Governor Brad Little responded by insisting the state will not pay for the surgery. The state of Idaho is appealing to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Whether Governor Little is just feigning a fight will be revealed in the days ahead. Often, the state magistrates say what their constituents and citizens of their state want to hear, but then capitulate once the Supreme Court rules against them and then hide behind the mantra “The Supreme Court has ruled – all we can do is obey.”  The state magistrates like this arrangement with the courts because then they can tell their constituents that they are opposed to the evil, but their hands are tied and they must obey the Supreme Court.

And that is a lie. America’s founders established a true federalism which consists of multiple levels of government and multiple branches at each level. They did so in order that power would not reside in one man or a small group of men. They did so in order for other branches to check any branch which began to play the tyrant – even if the branch playing the tyrant was the Supreme Court itself.

As America continues its descent into immorality and injustice, the lesser magistrates will at some point take a stand. When will that be? Over what matter will it be done? That is hard to say. The state magistrates have stood by while the federal judiciary has dispensed a host of evil edicts, including the murder of innocent preborn people and the perversion of marriage.

Make no mistake about it – the federal judiciary must be defied.

The interposition of the lesser magistrates is needed and necessary – and must be demanded by the people.