Medical Freedom Fight in Wisconsin: our latest 4-Minute video

On January 17th, 2023, the Wisconsin State Supreme Court will hear a massively important case dealing with medical freedom. On December 7th, 2022, there was a press conference held by the layers bringing the case against the hospital and the state. There were 120 people in attendance for the press conference – and not one media outlet showed up to cover the story. They censor anything that is not beneficial to the narrative to get the shot.

We were there however, and now you can see and hear some of what took place in this our latest 4-minute video.

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The healthcare field is a warzone. The battle for good and evil is very clear. Evil men and institutions have filled the void where good men have left. Many true doctors were fired, slandered, maligned out of the practice. What’s left at these hospitals is nothing short of butchery. You must understand the dangers of these hospitals and how many lives they’ve taken through these Covid “protocols” Tens of thousands, many of which are documented at sites like this –

Support these causes with your prayers, finances, and reach out to them with encouragement!
Allen Gahl v. Aurora Health Care (Donation link at top for Amos Center and their legal expenses)

Deprogramming with Graces’ Dad
(Scott Schara’s daughter was murdered, watch his testimony here –

It’s time for men to step up and lead. If you have any interest in medical care, start building alternative systems!