Our newest 1-Minute video: Do NOT Get Distracted.

Here is our latest 1-minute video. The video is entitled Do NOT Get Distracted. Our County Before Country Talks from a year ago continue to cause a stir in the hearts of men. The Talks teach men to build. Many have run for public office, are engaging their magistrates, strengthening and establishing churches, building Christian and alternative medical structures, networking with others regarding food, defunding government schools and promoting Christian thought, and training in the use of arms and discipline.

Let us focus on solutions to the problems at hand, and build our alternative systems. In 2021, we produced express talks on imperative problems we are facing now. Watch, implement, and SHARE these talks with others!

The Authority of a County by Matt Trewhella – https://rumble.com/vs9wb2-the-authority-of-a-county.html?mref=hqg49&mc=9mi8j
The Duty of Elders in the Face of a Tyrant Government by Derek Carlsen – https://rumble.com/vsgqhk-the-failure-of-christians.html?mref=hqg49&mc=9mi8j
Building Christian Medical Structures by Dr. Gordon Donaldson – https://rumble.com/vsqbmu-building-christian-medical-structures.html?mref=hqg49&mc=9mi8j
The Fragile Food Supply and Food for Life by Mike Brabo – https://rumble.com/vt3ma7-the-fragile-food-supply-and-food-for-life.html?mref=hqg49&mc=9mi8j
Confronting and Defunding Government Schools by Paul Dorr –
Freedom, Bravery, & Firearms: Lexington and Lessons for Today by Jason Storms – https://rumble.com/vtueq2-freedom-bravery-and-firearms-lexington-and-lessons-for-today.html?mref=hqg49&mc=9mi8j

Additional companion notes, promotional videos, and contact forum available at https://www.countybeforecountry.org/ where you can contact us for a template how to host your own conference. Remember, we must repent, fight, and build, in that order. We produced videos on that process as well, available at our rumble channel, Defy Tyrants.