Pastor Calls Out WI State Assembly for Legalizing Abortion: 5-Minute Video

On January 22nd, 2024 – Pastor Matt Trewhella testified before a Wisconsin State Legislative Committee. Here is his 5-minute testimony which included being interrupted by a legislator.

In January, Robin Vos, Republican Speaker of the Assembly – along with 39 Republican legislators introduced AB975 which declared you can murder the preborn in Wisconsin up to 14 weeks. Understand – nearly 95% of all abortions committed in Wisconsin are done by 14 weeks.

The bill was introduced on January 19th – and the public hearing was held three days later on January 22nd. They had a full a vote by the legislature on January 25th. A total of 53 Republicans – led by Robin Vos – voted to murder 95% of the preborn. They wanted no opposition to the bill.

Isn’t it ironic that the Republicans – who told us they couldn’t defend the preborn for nearly 50 years because of Roe v. Wade – held their hearing on their bill to murder the preborn on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade – January 22nd?

About 40 people who oppose the murder of the preborn gathered at Room 417N in Wisconsin’s capitol building to speak against the bill AB975. Each person was given three minutes to speak. The pro-life legislators said awful things. Pastor Matt was interrupted by a loud flaming pro-abort legislator who yelled out loud because he kept referring to the killing of the preborn as “murder.”

Two Republican assemblymen – Chuck Wichgers and Janel Brandtjen – actually took time to come to the hearing to address their fellow Republicans and publicly oppose the bill. We give thanks to God for them.

Because of the weakness displayed by the Republicans – the Affiliated deathcamp – knowing the government officials are not going to uphold our state anti-abortion law 940.04 – reopened on Tuesday, March 5th. We were there to speak up for the little ones. All of the deathcamps in Wisconsin have now reopened and are murdering the preborn.

Here is a sermon Pastor Matt preached in January entitled: Blood in Wisconsin – 2024 wherein he addresses AB975. We must quit compromising with murder. We must uphold the law of God and not waver.