Pastor Instructs County Board in Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates.

Christians must stop being preoccupied with the presidential election, and put most all our time into county and local politics. The time is short. Build within your community. Join with good men to prepare.

And instruct your county and local magistrates in the doctrine of the lesser magistrates and their duty of interposition. Sheriffs are of particular importance. The nation is breaking apart, and very evil men want to impose deceptive and brutal tyranny.

Here is a 6-minute video of Pastor Paul Michael Raymond in Appomattox, Virginia last week giving each of his county board members a copy of our book on the Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates, and then giving them a short lecture on the doctrine and their duty.

We want to encourage you. We get reports like this almost every week – often two or three such reports. We must be faithful to Christ in this hour.