Pastor Preaches to Tyrant Police at Drag Queen Show – Christians Arrested (2-minute video)

On July 29th, 2023, Christians gathered at a Drag Queen Show for children in order to declare God’s law, Word, and Gospel to those attending the event. It was held outside at the Riverside Park in Watertown, Wisconsin. The police – rather than arresting those sexualizing children – arrested four Christians who were exercising their first amendment rights, including Pastor Matt Trewhella’s minor daughter. Pastor Matt Trewhella engaged the police at that point by exhorting them regarding the doctrine of the lesser magistrates. Click here to listen to a 2-minute video clip of what he said.

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The police had statutory authority to arrest the adults sexually grooming children (link to ordinance = Wisconsin State Statute 948.07 instead they arrested the Christians who were NOT breaking the law.