Sheriff Defies Governor over Gun Ban

Sheriff John Allen held a press conference on Monday, September 11th to declare his defiance of New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s emergency health order to suspend the right to carry firearms in most public places around Albuquerque.

“Let me be clear: I hold my standards high, and I do not, and never will, hedge on what is right,” Allen said. “My oath is to protect the constitution, and that is what I will do.”

Sheriff Allen is the Sheriff of Bernalillo County. Albuquerque is the largest city in the county and in the state of New Mexico.

This is an act of interposition by Sheriff Allen. He has demonstrated the doctrine of the lesser magistrates.

Governor Grisham is the same governor who signed a Red Flag bill into law in New Mexico.

Understand – tyrants prefer unarmed citizens.

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America’s founders established this nation as a true federalism. In a true federalism there are multiple levels of government and multiple branches on each level. They did this because they held to a Christian view of man – that he is wicked and in need of a Savior.

They did not want power to rest in one man or a small group of men.

The founders established a federalism so the various branches would check the others if they acted wrongly.

The intent, therefore, of federalism is: if any one branch begins to play the tyrant, it is the duty of the other branches to interpose and resist that branch – and stop the evil. (The duty of the people is to rally with the interposing magistrates).