Sheriffs Line-Up to Defy Governor in Wisconsin

Sheriffs are arraying themselves in defiance of the unlawful actions of Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers. Evers announced a state-wide mask mandate to take effect at midnight August 1st.

Evers has no lawful authority to make such a decree. No magistrate or citizen in Wisconsin should obey it as it is not based in legitimate authority. An executive order is not law. Also – under Wisconsin statutes for a ‘state of emergency’ (which has not been declared), the governor has very limited powers. Ordering all citizens to wear masks is not one of them.

Sheriff Dennis Stuart of Washburn County posted: “Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers released an order for mandatory masks in public. There hasn’t been any “mask law” passed through our state legislature. The Washburn County Sheriff’s Office will not participate in any enforcement in regards to the wearing of masks. We believe it is government overreach and unconstitutional on many levels.”

Sheriff Christopher Schmaling of Racine County stated his officers would not be enforcing the governors order. And Sheriff Dale Schmidt of Dodge County is asking the public not to contact their office about people not wearing a mask.

Brown, Florence, Fond du lac, Grant, Green, Lafayette, Manitowoc, Oconto, Oneida, Shawano, Vernon, Walworth, Waukesha, Waupaca, and Washington Counties also declared they will not enforce Evers order. The police chief of Praire du chien also released a statement that their officers would not enforce the order.

These officers are demonstrating what is known as the doctrine of the lesser magistrates. When the superior authority (like a governor) acts lawlessly and attacks liberty, it is the duty of the lesser magistrates to interpose and not obey their unlawful actions. The lesser magistrate doctrine was first formalized by Christian men in 1550, but has also been seen in non-Christian nations showing it is natural to man.

Meanwhile, people are being encouraged to email the GOP leadership and hold an emergency session to check the unlawful decree of Evers.

Email WI legislative leadership & tell them to call a special session & pass a joint resolution (authorized under 323.10) to end Evers’ mask mandate.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos: Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald:

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