Showdown in Alabama – Chief Justice Sends Letter to All Probate Judges

Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore, has sent a letter and memorandum to probate judges throughout the state, advising them that they are not required to issue “marriage” licenses to same-sex couples despite a recent federal court ruling striking down the state’s Sanctity of Marriage Amendment.

“Lower federal courts are without authority to impose their own interpretation of federal constitutional law upon the state courts,” he wrote. “Not only is the Mobile federal court acting without constitutional authority, but it is doing so in a manner inconsistent with the Eleventh Amendment to the United States Constitution.”

“Interference with the right of state courts to make independent judgments based on their own view of the U.S. Constitution is a violation of state sovereignty,” Moore said.

As previously reported, Moore also [click here to read the rest of the story].

Read the full text of the letter Chief Justice Moore sent here.

PLEASE take time to thank Chief Justice Moore for his interposition and also contact Governor Bentley and encourage him to stand strong.

Contact info for Governor Robert Bentley:
State Capitol
600 Dexter Avenue Montgomery, AL 36130
Contact info for Chief Justice Roy Moore:
Supreme Court of Alabama
300 Dexter Avenue Montgomery, Alabama 36104