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Romans 13

The Laws of a Nation should Mirror the Law and Justice of God

Good law, which affirms or mirrors the law and justice of God, helps men to see their need for Christ. Bad law, that contravenes and spurns the law and justice of God, assists men in ignoring and/or justifying their sin. Hence, the laws of a nation go to the very salvation of men’s souls.

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AHA PowerPoint Presentation of Lesser Magistrate Doctrine

Matthew Trewhella made this presentation at the Against the World – For the World Conference conducted by Abolish Human Abortion in Memphis, Tennessee on November 1st, 2014. The presentation defines the doctrine and demonstrates the necessity of the interposition of lower magistrates for total abolition

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Application of the Doctrine

Pastor Matt Interview about The Magdeburg Confession

This 20-minute interview was conducted on December 4, 2014. The Magdeburg Confession was written in the year 1550 and is now available for the first time ever to English-speaking people. The Confession has massive historical significance because it was the first time Christian men formalized

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