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A Jehoiada Situation | Doug Wilson

A 16-minute analysis regarding our nation’s current situation and the needed action. Well worth your time. And we get an honorable mention for our Magdeburg Confession and The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates books during the 13-minute mark . This is a 16-minute video. As

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2nd Amendment

Two Lectures on Reformation Day 2020 Part One: Why has American Christianity Believed the Lie of Covid? & Part Two: Where are Things Headed in our Nation and the Church?

Our Christmas gift to you is two lecture/sermons given by Pastor Matt Trewhella to the Mid-Atlantic Reformation Society in Pennsylvania on Reformation Day, October 31st 2020. The first lecture/sermon addresses Why the American Church has Believed the Lie of Covid?  The second lecture/sermon – Part 2 under the same

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