The Failure of Churchmen in the Face of Covid-19

A sermon preached on Sunday, May 10th, 2020 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

In the past, churchmen barred the State entrance into the church because they wanted to uphold the authority of the church and preserve righteousness. In our day, the State bars entrance to the church and churchmen comply because the paternal State has told them “it is best for you.”

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“Understand – there is tyranny in the land. And yet the churchmen aid and abet it. Think if the churchmen stood and opened their churches – the lie of this virus would be exposed. If they opened their churches – elderly people would not be isolated from their families. If they opened their churches – people would be able to get their needed and legitimate healthcare needs met because the medical facilities wouldn’t be waiting around for this crush of covid patients (that have never materialized). If they opened their churches – healthcare workers wouldn’t be getting laid off across our state and around the nation. If they opened their churches – millions of people would not be out of work. If they opened their churches – the businessmen would be emboldened to open their businesses. The businessmen – because of the statist hell we live in are licensed and regulated by the state – they have much more to lose than us churchmen do. If you opened up your churches – the tyranny would be blunted.”

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