Why Man can Corrupt any Form of Government.

In our latest 4-minute video, Pastor Matt discusses how the nature of man is the reason that any form of government – including a representative constitutional republic – can be corrupted.

America’s founders pillared a federalism for American government. They did NOT want power to reside in one man or a small group of men because they held to a Christian view of the nature of man – that he is wicked and in need of a Savior, namely, Jesus Christ.

They wanted multiple levels of government with multiple branches at each level so if any one branch or branches began to play the tyrant – another branch or branches would interpose and check the evil of the tyrant branch or branches.

America has been corrupted, and sadly, the duty of interposition has been lost on most lesser authorities. Hence, the need to make this doctrine of the lesser magistrates known to the magistrates and the people.

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