A Legal Response to Virginia Attorney General’s Advisory Opinion regarding Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolutions

This is a powerful response to the Virginia Attorney General’s despicable ‘advisory opinion’ on 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Resolutions. The document was penned by two lawyers and was signed and published by Gun Owners of America.

The Response is a 12-page powerhouse on constitutional, organic, and divine law. We cannot encourage you strongly enough to read the entire document.

From the Response: …the assertion that lesser magistrates owe slavish obedience to abusive higher authorities was never the view of the Founding Fathers, particularly those from the Commonwealth of Virginia. Had the English barons embraced this view, there might never have been a confrontation with King John at Runnymede, leading to the protections provided by Magna Carta. Had our nation’s founders embraced this view, Virginia might still be a colony of England. Truly, this view is contrary to the most basic principles which underlay our form of government,is anti-Biblical, and is profoundly abusive of the pre-existing and inalienable rights of the People of Virginia. [click here to read the entire Response]