Anti-Vaxxers begin to Promote the Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates Book

If you believe Americans should be forced by the state to vaccinate their children and are guilty of child abuse if they do not, you have embraced statist totalitarianism. Such actions by the state are an attack by civil government upon family government.

Those who refuse such state actions are beginning to see how important the doctrine of the lesser magistrates is to reining in the Leviathan that the state has become in America. Here is a short video by a doctor who opposes vaccinations, and is promoting our book The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates. The book is spoken about beginning at the 11-minute mark into the video.

The Bible speaks of quarantining in certain circumstances, but never should we be forced by the state to put foreign objects from huge phamaceutical companies into our children’s bodies. A true federalism recognizes three great governments – family, church, and civil governments – all three have their own role, function, jurisdiction, and limits in society. Statist totalitarianism allows the state to invade the other governments – it is the idea that the state is the be all and end all, and that all ills or problems are to be remedied by the state.