Bill of Interposition for Preborn in Idaho Introduced

Two State Representatives in Idaho – Heather Scott and John Green – have introduced a bill that would criminalize the murder of the preborn in any fashion including abortion. This is an act of interposition against a lawless federal judiciary. Here is a link to a 6-minute video put out by Rep. Scott.

Here is a link to a 2-minute video by Rep. Green.

Rep. Scott heard about interposition and the doctrine of the lesser magistrates in June of 2015 when she watched the live stream of a conference where the doctrine was taught by Pastor Matthew Trewhella in Coeur d’Alene. Less than two months after learning this doctrine, Rep. Scott put it into action when a Vietnam veteran was threatened with having his guns taken from him by the Feds. Rep. Scott rallied about 80 people, including the county sheriff, who all stood outside the veteran’s house interposing against the Feds so they could not seize his guns. The Feds stood down and refused to take his guns. Now she is demonstrating interposition for the preborn.

Idaho is the fifth state to introduce a bill of interposition/abolition for the preborn this session.

Here is a news story about the effort.

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