Constitutional scholar affirms Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates

In this 15-minute interview, Dr. Herb Titus discusses very important questions regarding the federal judiciary – particularly the Supreme Court (SCOTUS). Please take the time to listen Americans need to understand that SCOTUS itself has created a fiction that ‘SCOTUS is the final arbiter of what is constitutional.’  Men sacrificed immensely to put down the pagan idea of ‘the divine right of kings’ throughout the West.  America has now embraced the false idea of ‘the divine right of SCOTUS.’

In a true federalism (which is what America’s founders established), all magistrates take an oath to uphold the Constitution – therefore whenever one branch of government plays the tyrant and makes a law; policy; or court opinion which is repugnant to the Constitution – it is incumbent then more than ever for all other branches (federal, state, county, and local) to resist that branch – even if that branch is the Supreme Court itself.

[Click here to see the 15-minute video].