Cops threaten to arrest abolitionist mother with large family during Corona Virus shutdown

This is hard to watch. Rather than this officer commending this mom standing outside the deathcamp with her nine children for their good behavior – he threatens to arrest her. And then tries to bamboozle her with nonsense about the law, orders, and the constitution.

Watch the 11-minute video here. The first six minutes gives you the gist.

Romans 13 makes clear that the magistrates are to reward those who do good and punish those who do evil. Once again we see this turned on its head.

Do you think the churchmen would rise to the defense of this mother when nearly none of them rise to the defense of the preborn? When nearly every last churchman in America has allowed the state to bar their church doors and they comply under their faulty interpretation of Romans 13? Is attending church evil?

A virus has proven to be the perfect narrative of wicked men to impose tyranny.

This took place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on March 27th, 2020.