Doug Wilson names Lesser Magistrate Doctrine and Magdeburg Confession books of the month

Noted author and pastor, Doug Wilson, named Pastor Matt’s Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates and the Magdeburg Confession as the books of the month on his blog. He wrote an excellent review of the two works. It states in part:

A companion volume, The Magdeburg Confession, is a book that contains the testimony of some faithful Lutheran pastors in 1550, when they were facing down the attempted tyranny of Charles V. A very capable translation of their testimony is here rendered by Dr. Matthew Colvin, and it shows us that the perennial issues are indeed perennial. These were the men who withstood a siege of the city of Magdeburg for the sake of liberty of conscience, and anyone today who has ever enjoyed any measure of such liberty should render their thanks to God for these faithful servants. Chief among them was Nicolas von Amsdorff, a close friend of Martin Luther. These were the times when we had pastors with titanium spines — in distinction from what we have too much of today, which is pastors with spines molded out of saturated paper towels.

Trewhella gathers together the basic questions that surround the doctrine, and answers them systematically. What is the doctrine? What are some… [click here to read the entire review].