Exhortations from Pastor Matt to the Brethren Gathering in Virginia

To my brothers in Virginia. Take no note of the naysayers who want you to stand down by inducing fear. Give not a minute’s consideration to the minions who ask that you stay home so that they can continue to have the scraps off Northam’s table. Such men are not men. They pee on themselves at the mere words of the tyrant. For many, their only desire is to maintain their personal peace and affluence. Fools all! When Moses went to Pharaoh and gave God’s word to the tyrant he demanded they now make bricks without straw. The conflict cost something so that many of the children of Israel wailed and despised Moses and Aaron, preferring their slavery. These are those who also beg you to stand down. Don’t do it for a minute – never fear man. Fear Him who the kings of the earth should tremble before – and whose law and rule that dog Northam spits upon.

May the tyrant pee on himself when he sees you all arrayed.

May Christ be praised in the earth! Psalm 2

This “news” story from ABC is a classic example of how the press in this nation lies about and demonizes good men. Absolutely disgusting. Thank God for the internet to level the playing field and expose false painting. https://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/expected-participants-virginia-gun-rally-68385267?cid=clicksource_4380645_4_three_posts_card_related&fbclid=IwAR1eAHc3z99aoTa7sR395e2aMXIIFvgGvgmI5kPfOSswVIhmcPFaKSiozVI