Family is the Counter-Revolution

This is a 20-minute video presentation on family given by Pastor Matt Trewhella at a Christian conference held in Marshfield, Wisconsin on March 10th, 2018.

Click here to watch and listen.

Family is foundational to society. Familial relationships are paramount in the formation of character and worldview in the life of the individual. We live in what sociologists call an atomistic society – the focus is on the individual. Family is demeaned and belittled. Renowned sociologist, Carle Zimmerman, points out that adultery, divorce, and homosexuality are not the causes which destroy the family – rather they are the symptoms of a society that has decided against family.

Zimmerman states – “Atomism in family relations is not important because of its symptoms – but primarily because of the decay of the basic components of social life.”  Man’s desire not to have children is the engine that results in man’s corruption and demise. Man’s focus on the individual – becomes the very thing that destroys him.

Zimmerman demonstrates that what commences the decline of a nation or civilization is when the people no longer want to have children.

As society becomes wealthier – due to its monogamy and hard work ethic – more and more freedom is granted to the individual. At first this helps build the wealth as freedom is seen as an opportunity for economic gain. But then – Zimmerman says – “the meaning of this freedom changes.” He goes on to say – “the individual, having no guiding moral principles, changes the meaning of freedom from opportunity to license.” The individuals then begin to change the social institutions to aid and abet their “freedom” and  “remedy” the consequences of their sinful lifestyles.

If you care about family – if you care about your family, take the 20 minutes to watch this short talk.