Hundreds rally in support of County Clerk as he Defies the Federal Government

A key component of the doctrine of the lesser magistrates is that when a lower magistrate commits an act of interposition – the people are to rally to his side! In Kentucky, when Casey County Clerk, Casey Davis, refused to issue marriage licenses to homosexuals – hundreds rallied around this clerk outside the county courthouse. He is declaring that he will be obedient to Christ and not join in the federal government’s rebellion against God. He has even refused to listen to his governor who wants him to resign. [Here is news footage of the gathering].

The people play an important role in the application of the doctrine of the lesser magistrates. The people have a duty to protest unjust or immoral laws. The people must prod the lesser magistrate, and rally behind him when he takes a stand. The lesser magistrates often will not act until the people plead their case and the magistrates are assured of their support. [Click here to watch a 3-minute video on this aspect of the doctrine].

Higher civil authority committed to unjust or immoral law will always demonize, marginalize, undermine, and criminalize any lesser magistrate who takes a stand to oppose their unjust/immoral laws or policies. You have to understand, there will be a conflict. Tyrants will stop at nothing to impose their tyranny.

Most lesser magistrates will always just go along with the tyrant higher authority. It is critical that when those rare lesser magistrates take a stand that we rally behind them. [Click here to watch a 2-minute video on this aspect of the doctrine].