Kim Davis and the call to all Christian officials

Every Christian involved and concerned to confront this tyranny needs to get this point very clear. The federal court did not put Kim Davis in jail for exercising personal First Amendment rights. She is in jail over a contest of government jurisdictions. She is in jail because the Supreme Court of the Federal government believes the Fourteenth Amendment trumps the State Constitution of Kentucky on the issue of marriage, and more importantly, because every single civil official between her and the Feds stood by idly and watched it happen, implicitly agreeing with the Supreme Court’s belief.

The “religious liberty” defense will, therefore, ensure a failure for the cause, but in the meantime it will provide the image of a bold stand for high-profile conservative politicians. “Religious liberty” will make for good fundraising. It will make for good photo-ops beside Mrs. Davis in court and jail. It will generate publicity—but no substance of change or foundation upon which to build future change.

“Religious liberty” is, in the media, an emotional hook for conservatives and Christians. It has no judicial teeth without multiple levels of active government protection. What we need is not an emotional appeal; we need… [click here to read the rest of the article.]