Misdemeanor for No Face Mask: Will there be Defiance in Washington?

His lordship, Washington Governor Inslee, has decreed all subjects in the state of Washington must wear a face mask or be charged with a misdemeanor as criminals. Will the other branches of government and the people comply? Or will they defy this dog?

It appears the state officials will all comply. And this means it behooves the county and local officials to interpose and defy such tyranny. The duty of the people is to demand their interposition, and rally behind their officials when they do interpose.

The effort to force mask-wearing by the iron fist of the state is a precursor to force the vaccination when it is released by the iron fist of the state. It is a form of conditioning. It is control. And it should be defied by every American.

You need to meet with and talk with your county supervisor, county chair, county District Attorney – and most important – your county sheriff. Instruct them in the doctrine of the lesser magistrates.

An effort to recall Inslee has been established, but interposition is needed now. The lesser magistrates must defy the tyrant – and remind him that his authority has limits.

What is the doctrine of the lesser magistrates?

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