Montana Election Sermon with Pastor Matt Trewhella

Election Sermon: The Duty of Lower Magistrates in the Face of Tyranny

This sermon was preached in the capitol rotunda in Helena, Montana on January 4th, 2015. A crowd of about 200 gathered to hear this election sermon. There were about 40 state legislators present along with other government officials.

This sermon took the hearers by storm – rousing their hearts.

Election sermons were common in early America. In the past – during the first 100 years of our nation – many pastors preached every year what became known as “election” and “artillery” sermons. Clergymen understood and taught their congregations that God’s Word addressed all matters of life, including the matters of civil

The church pulpits were the historical means whereby the people were instructed – from a theological foundation – in the purpose, functions, and limitations of the State. When a citizenry’s view of the State is theologically-driven, the State can no longer get away with doing whatever just tickles its fancy. This is because an informed people, one which recognizes transcendent law, perceives tyranny and will not tolerate it.

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Pastor Trewhella was invited by to preach this election sermon. Project Liberty Tree is located in Montana and conducts an election sermon every other year when the state legislature convenes.