National Review: “Confederate Nullification” Could Cause Second Civil War

This article responds to the fiction that the centralists love to promulgate – that the Civil War established “settled law” that the states no longer have the right to interpose against unjust or immoral federal actions, aggression, and tyranny. Never mind the numerous acts of interposition by northern states prior to the Civil War; never mind morality; never mind love for God and neighbor – just submit is their message. From the article: “States’ rights had to be covered under a blanket of lies and usurpations by those who thought they could rule us better than we can rule ourselves. At the most critical time, the War Between the States, states’ rights was suppressed by force, and the American idea of consent of the governed was replaced by the European idea of obedience. But force can only settle questions of power, not right.”  [Click here to read the whole article].