Pro-Life Texas State Rep. Jeff Leach Delivers Death Sentence to 110,000 Preborn Human Beings

Once again, those who claim to be “for” the preborn – namely the GOP and pro-life groups – have treacherously stabbed them in the back. Yet another bill of interposition/abolition has been thrown under the bus by the Republicans at the behest of the pro-life groups. The following article is a powerful rebuke to their continued complicity:

The culture of death was assailed on Monday as 446 abolitionists showed up to the Texas State capitol to support the Abolition of Abortion in Texas Act (TX HB896), a bill which would completely abolish abortion in the state. 330 of them testified in favor of the bill, causing the hearing to last until nearly 3 a.m.

Wednesday brought somber news, however, as Texas House Judiciary and Civil Jurisprudence Committee Chair Jeff Leach (R-Plano) released a statement declaring that the TX HB896 will not be voted on. Leach lambasted the bill because it criminalizes abortion by “subject[ing] women who undergo abortions to criminal liability.”

For three reasons, Leach is horrifically mistaken. First, abortion isn’t actually illegal if parents who murder their sons and daughters have automatic immunity. If only the abortionist faces justice, do-it-yourself abortion is legal. And with the abortion industry moving toward DIY abortion anyway, a bill providing legal penalty only for the abortionist accomplishes nothing but expedite the evolution of the abortion industry.

Second, the law is a deterrent. Among those testifying in favor of the Abolition of Abortion in Texas Act was Jason Storms, a pastor and an activist with Operation Save America. He told his emotional story of creating a child with his high school girlfriend and choosing abortion with her in the mid-1990s.

“I was guilty as an accomplice in the murder of my own child, and I should have been prosecuted accordingly,” Storms told the committee. “Mothers and fathers – parents – right now in Texas can be charged with parental neglect, parental abuse, and even parental homicide when we see the tragedy of parents taking the lives of their own children. It’s because mothers and fathers have a duty to love and protect their children. That responsibility doesn’t start when they’re born, but it starts when they’re conceived.”

“Here’s a fact: my girlfriend and I, if we knew we would’ve been facing homicide charges, would never have aborted that child. That child would be… [click here to read the rest of the article].