Red Flag Laws Taken to Task by Lesser Magistrates: The Interposition of Sheriffs

This is an 18-minute video interview with Weld County Sheriff Steve Reams in Colorado where the legislature has passed a “Red Flag” law. He and many other Colorado sheriffs have declared they will not enforce this law. In fact – half the state has now declared itself a sanctuary county against these laws.

Red Flag laws are unconstitutional. They are an attack upon the Second Amendment and a trampling of our Fourth Amendment rights of “Due Process.” Under these laws, anyone can make a phone call and have your guns seized. There is a hearing which the accused is NOT allowed to attend to face their accusers – in fact, they do not even know the hearing is taking place. Judges are known to grant these 99% of the time. Law enforcement then comes to your home; enters your house by force; conducts a search; and seizes your guns. This is evil. This is tyranny.

When governments disarm their citizens – that is a tyrannical act. The doctrine of the lesser magistrates teaches that whenever the higher ranking civil authority makes unjust or immoral law, policy, or court opinion, the lower or lesser ranking civil authority has both the God-given right and duty not to obey the superior authority. And if necessary, to actively resist the higher authority. The actions of these sheriffs is needed, necessary, legitimate, and just.