Sheriff Sends Letter of Interposition to Governor due to Unconstitutional COVID-19 State Actions

Interposition can be demonstrated verbally or physically. Bonner County Sheriff Daryl Wheeler has written a letter of interposition to Idaho Governor Brad Little to stop the unconstitutional actions of state government due to COVID-19. This is verbal interposition. He wrote in part:

“In the spirit of changing course, I am urging you to call up the full Idaho Legislature and assemble them for an emergency meeting in Boise to discuss these points. I do not believe that suspending the Constitution was wise, because COVID-19 is nothing like the plague. We were misled by some Public Health Officials, now it is time to reinstate our Constitution.”

On August 6, 2015, Sheriff Wheeler gathered with about 100 citizens and two state representatives outside the home of veteran John Arnold when the federal government came to seize Arnold’s guns. They stood between the fed agent and Arnold. This is physical interposition.

This took place just after Pastor Matt Trewhella had taught the doctrine of the lesser magistrates in Bonner County to a crowd of nearly 200 people on June 26, 2015, including one of the state reps present at Arnold’s home.

Here is the news story regarding his letter of interposition:

A northern Idaho sheriff detailed his grievances with Governor Brad Little’s stay at home order saying “We were misled by some Public Health Officials.”

Bonner County Sheriff Daryl Wheeler wrote an open letter to Little and posted the letter to… [click here to read the whole story and Sheriff Wheeler’s entire letter]

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