The 4th County before Country Express Talk: Confronting and Defunding Government Schools

The 4th COUNTY BEFORE COUNTRY EXPRESS TALK has been released!   You can listen to this 17-minute Talk here. The Talk is entitled Confronting and Defunding Government Schools.

Paul Dorr is the founder of Copperhead Consulting, organizing over 80 campaigns to defund public education and roll back excessive local government. Taxpayer savings to date $4 Billion.

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Paul has been married to his wife for 45 years. He is the father of 11 children and 34 grandchildren, all whom are being homeschooled.

In order to confront and defund government schools, you must take an organized approach. Local votes can be swayed through many tactics to engage with the community. To purchase Paul’s detailed course, visit here.
 Public school has long been on the decline, but now it is reaching a critical tipping point. Many are seeing the value of homeschooling. Many are withdrawing their kids from public school – in outrage over mask mandates and school board tyrants. The detrimental effects masks are having on children is devastating. Watch more on the topic here –

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We view these Talks as a gift to the Body of Christ!