The Difficult Task of an Interposing Magistrate

When evil is in the land and is being propagated through lawless magistrates – the interposition against that evil by a righteous magistrate is met with a barrage of attacks by the wicked and their magistrates. A fight ensues. Remember Judge Roy Moore last week? Now the Attorney General of Louisiana has interposed against a governor who thinks he can just write law through executive order. This Attorney General is standing in the gap against the sodomite juggernaut.

The sad thing is this matter will be decided by the courts – and the courts in this nation are overwhelmingly corrupt. They are the dispensers of lawlessness, immorality, and injustice. As the attacks on this AG swell – will the legislators rally to this magistrate? Will the people rally to this magistrate? Or will they leave him hanging in the wind? The task of the interposing magistrate is difficult because the vast majority of magistrates and people just go along to get along. Attorney General Jeff Landry is doing good here. May the Lord grant him speed.

[Read the whole biased story by ABC here].