The Magistrates & Interposition: An Address to Those Assembled in support of Dan Fisher

In March of 2018, abolitionists from around Oklahoma and the nation – among others – gathered to support Dan Fisher for Governor at The Time For Justice Rally in Oklahoma City. This is a video of Pastor Matt Trewhella’s 15-minute speech on magistrates and interposition as part of leading up to Dan addressing the assembly. Dan Fisher, a former Oklahoma legislator, is running for governor in Oklahoma. He is running on a platform of interposition for the preborn – wherein the state of Oklahoma will defy the federal judiciary and defend the most helpless in their state.

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Text of the speech:

When the Scots met the army of the wicked King Edward the Longshanks at the battle of Sterling Bridge, William Wallace reined up his horse to speak with some of his closest Lt.’s before going out to parley at mid-field with the English – Wallace gave them brief instructions for the impending battle and then turned to leave whereupon one of his Lt.’s asked – “Where are you going?” To which Wallace replied – “To pick a fight!”

We finally have a man here in America willing to pick a fight!

There’s been a bully on the playground; a thug in the parking lot; an unleashed wild dog – namely the federal beast that has long needed to be confronted but which the magistrates of this nation have cowered before – peeing down their legs like a defeated dog.

They want nothing to do with confronting the beast; nothing to do with defying the tyrant; nothing to do with smashing idols – and because of their cowardice the tyrant has enjoyed the convenience of building the next planks of his tyranny for decades now – of forging the next links of our chains of enslavement.

Men need to realize you cannot appease a bully – you have to confront him. (I learned that as a kid on the school playground).

Thank God we gather here tonight to rally around a seasoned magistrate who is now running for a higher office – namely governor – a man who is willing to hazard his own life and confront the tyrant.

And who is this tyrant? It’s not Putin; it’s not Russia; it’s not the Islamists; And who is the greatest threat to our freedom and liberty; who has trampled our nation’s Constitution; who in all its arrogance has openly impugned the law and Word of God; – it is not Putin – it is not Russia – it is not the Islamist who have made us a nearly conquered people – rather it is our own federal government – our own federal judiciary is the tyrant!

The tyrant has decreed that the preborn can be slaughtered. The tyrant has decreed that two men or two women can be married. In the past, the tyrant has decreed that black people can be other people’s property. In the past, the tyrant has decreed that people can be forcibly sterilized. The tyrant is the Supreme Court. They are lawless – and they are arrogant. They think their authority has no limits and our submission should be limitless.

The tyrant believes that the court opinions they issue are the law of the land. They believe they are the final arbiter of what is right or wrong; just or unjust; moral or immoral; constitutional or unconstitutional – and – that all other branches of government and all people in our nation must submit to them.

Any human institution that accrues power to itself to the point it arrogantly believes itself the final arbiter to which all men must submit – has corrupted itself.

Dan Fisher understands when there’s a bully in the sandbox – someone has to interpose!

Dan Fisher understands that this federal government and particularly this federal judiciary have reduced states to mere provinces of the federal government; mere bureaucratic outlets; mere implementation centers of unjust and immoral federal law, policy, and court opinion.

Dan Fisher understands that most state magistrates love the judicial tyrant because they can feign a fight; they can act like they’re against the tyrant – they spit and sputtle against federal injustice and overreach and immorality and unconstitutional actions – but only until a federal court rules the tyranny to be “legal.”  They knew full well they were gonna lose! They fight in the tyrant’s arena and submit to the tyrant’s rules. They go and fight in the federal courts – knowing full well they will lose. And once the tyrant tramples them in their courts – the state magistrates turn around and tell their constituents – ‘I’m opposed to the evil of the tyrant – but the federal courts have ruled and all we can do is obey.’ They love the judicial tyrant because they get to have it both ways – and their constituents believe the lie that the states must submit to immoral, unjust, unconstitutional court opinions.

Dan Fisher understands that the interposition of the lesser magistrates forces the higher-ranking civil tyrant out of his lair – it forces the beast to expose himself and show his fangs. Dan understands that if good men do nothing in the face of injustice and gross immorality – the wicked actions of the tyrant will not be as readily seen by men. They will comply – and hence, aid and abet the tyrant.

Dan Fisher understands that the federal judiciary must be defied – that nothing less will do – that interposition is needed and necessary in this hour.

Interposition is where you stand in the gap and say – NO! You stop the evil! You don’t parley; you don’t negotiate; you don’t appease – the evil being done is of such great magnitude that only NO! is the proper response. And the interposition of the lesser magistrate has been employed by men for thousands of years to rein in the tyranny of the higher-ranking civil authority – and often is able to rein it in bloodlessly.

The interposition of the lesser magistrate reminds the greater magistrate that their authority has limits!

The interposition of the lesser magistrate also abates the just judgment of God upon a nation that has impugned His law and Word.

As I said – I am from Wisconsin. In 1859 our state legislature defied the Supreme Court of the United States and the entire federal government. The Supreme Court upheld the federal Fugitive Slave Act in their court opinion and the men of 1859 in our state legislature declared the federal Fugitive Slave Act to be ‘null, void, and of no authority’ in the state of Wisconsin!

Our state supreme court also defied the U.S. Supreme Court. Wisconsin Supreme Court justice – Abram Smith – sat down in the calm of his office on a cold March Wisconsin day and penned the following words during those tense days – The duty of the states to watch closely and resist firmly every encroachment of the federal government becomes every day more and more imperative, and the official oath of the functionaries of the states becomes more and more significant.”

He knew his duty was to interpose against the beast – not bow down and obey. He knew he took an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution and his state constitution.

Smith went on to state: Every state officer who is required to take an oath to support the Constitution of the United States as well as of his own state, was designedly placed by the federal constitution itself as a sentinel to guard the outposts as well as the citadel of the great principles and rights which it was intended to declare, secure and perpetuate, I cannot shrink from the discharge of the duty now devolved upon me.

Smith understood he took an oath to uphold the Constitution – he did not take an oath of subservience to the federal government; he did not take an oath to uphold unjust and immoral court opinions issued by SCOTUS.

When the lesser magistrate interposes against the greater magistrate He – as Seutonius said – “Grabs the wolf by the ears.” What he meant by this was that the lesser ranking civil authority must consider the justness of the cause and the possible harm to himself.

Smith considered such grave thoughts. And then he penned these words regarding his interposition:

I know well its consequences, and appreciate fully the criticism to which I may be subjected. But I believe most sincerely and solemnly that the last hope of free, representative and responsible government rests upon the state sovereignties and fidelity of state officers to their double allegiance, to the state and federal government; and so believing, I cannot hesitate in performing a clear, an indispensable duty.

He then penned the words that stood in defiance of the federal judiciary and the entire federal government. Interposition is an indispensable duty.

Men like this are a rare find in our day. When there is wealth and power attached to public office it attracts the worse of men – and that is what we have today – the worst of men in public office.  Men of a different caliber are needed to confront the brute 9-headed hydra sitting by the Potomac.

Christian men are needed. Men who are not dazzled by wealth and power – but who fear and love Christ. Men who cannot sleep at night when they see God’s law and Word openly impugned by the magistrates and by the laws of men. Men who are willing to hazard their lives because of their love for Him.

David Hume in his History of England; in the fifth volume; wrote about how it was the Puritans – those Christian men – who alone were willing to take the monarchy to task. They spoke against the injustice and unchecked power of the crown even though it was a time where treason was easily assigned and the punishment was to be drawn and quartered. As Hume stated it was a time where being in public office was “a burden rather than advantage.”

David Hume was a Christ-hater, yet even he saw the difference in Christian men. He saw that true Christianity produces liberty.     Hume, went on to write – and had to admit: “The precious sparks of liberty were kindled and preserved by the Puritans in England. And that, to this sect, whose principles appear so frivolous and whose habits so ridiculous, the English owe the whole freedom of their Constitution.”

Author Geoffrey Robertson, also wrote about the Puritans of the 1600’s in England. Though an unbeliever – he also spoke in high praise of the Puritans. While writing about the soft, power-seeking, desiring the praises of men, types that filled Parliament at that time, he wrote:

“Challenging the absolutist claim of royal power would require a different breed of men, with a faith firm enough to transcend trivial temptations of earthly wealth or privilege.”

He then introduces the Puritans as those sort of men.

And let me simply say:

“Challenging SCOTUS’ claim of absolutist, total, power will require a different breed of men, with a faith firm enough to transcend trivial temptations of earthly wealth or privilege.”

Dan Fisher fears and loves God. And his fealty is to Christ. That makes all the difference.

When a magistrate takes a stand in interposition, the people have a duty to rally to the magistrate! Our duty is to prod our magistrates to do right and defy tyranny – and then when they do so to rally with them. To assure them that we will give to them of our substance, of our person, of our prayers everything that is needed – both publicly and privately. The role of the people is huge!
For 45 years now the preborn have been oppressed and murdered – yet not one governor; not one attorney general; not one legislature; not one mayor; no one common council has stood in defiance of federal tyranny… we now have him!

Will you rally to this magistrate? (3 times)