The People Prod Magistrates to Interpose for the Preborn in Oklahoma – And One Does

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On Saturday, February 27th, 2016, abolitionists gathered in Oklahoma City to conduct a citizen’s initiative calling for immediate interposition for the preborn and total abolition of abortion. They gathered over 10,000 signatures in just one week. Pastor Matt Trewhella spoke to the group on Sunday evening, February 28th, on the role of the people regarding the doctrine of the lesser magistrates. He presented many historical examples where the people took action which then caused the magistrates to take action and do what was needed and necessary. Just 72 hours later – an Oklahoma senator introduces the bill described below.

News story –

Oklahoma Senator Introduces Bill to Criminalize Abortion as First-Degree Murder

In a move that is unprecedented nationwide, an Oklahoma Senator has introduced a bill that would criminalize abortion as first-degree murder. Sen. Joe Silk, R-Broken Bow, recently introduced S.B. 1118 which adds killing an unborn child to existing murder statutes.

“No person shall perform or induce or attempt to perform or induce an abortion after conception,” it reads. “A person commits murder in the first degree when that person performs an abortion as defined by Section 1-745.5 of Title 63 of the Oklahoma Statutes.”

The bill defines abortion as “the use or prescription of any instrument, medicine, drug or any other substance or device to intentionally kill an unborn human being” and provides the unborn with protection from the moment of conception.

The bill is stated to come as the result of a petition signed by over 30,000 Oklahoma residents, calling for lawmakers to immediately present legislation that would result in a complete end to abortion in the state.

“[W]e hereby respectfully demand that our state government stop…[Click here to read the whole story].

[Click here to email SENATORS to encourage them to vote YES for this bill SB 1118].