Wisconsin Magistrate Denounces COVID-19 Government Actions (news video)

Dan Sebring, Milwaukee County supervisor for district 11, called on Gov. Tony Evers to lift the Safer at Home order, citing the unsustainable damage to business and far-reaching restrictions on individual liberties.

This is the interposition of a lesser magistrate.

Watch the two-minute news video.

Supervisor Sebring makes clear you quarantine the sick – not the whole of society. Sebring is not calling for half-measures like sheriffs in Michigan and the legislature in Pennsylvania. Rather, he rightly states that the “Stay at Home” order needs to end immediately – all of it.

The role of the people in this matter is to rally to this magistrate and support his interposition.

The role of the people is to prod their magistrates to do right – like they did in Michigan yesterday, gathering by the thousands – and then to rally with those magistrates when they do right giving of their possessions, persons, and prayers, both publicly and privately.

The claim by government officials that social-distancing and their other nonsense works is utter fiction. Here are experts, doctors, and professionals (and there are many more) that are not getting play in the media because they are not going along with the narrative of fear, hysteria, and tyranny.