Yet Another Bill of Interposition Killed by GOP and Pro-Life Groups

On March 10th, 2016, SB 1118 in the Oklahoma Senate, which declared abortion to be murder and had no exceptions, was killed by the Republican leadership and the state pro-life organizations. The GOP leadership refused to bring the bill to the floor and the pro-life groups denounced it as dangerous. The cozy relationship that the GOP and the pro-life/pro-family groups have created for themselves over the decades is being exposed however. Their cabal is beginning to crack.

More and more people are seeing that the GOP refuses to defy a lawless judiciary and interpose for the preborn. They are also seeing that the pro-life/pro-family groups give them cover for their failure to act. This cozy relationship has gone on for decades.

Consider the cozy arrangement the pro-life groups and the Republicans have created for each other. The pro-life groups offer legislation which nibbles at the edge of abortion – this assures their continued existence as yet another measure will have to be introduced and fought over the following year and the year after that etc.

The Republicans, who like to pay lip-service to the preborn and see value in having them used as political footballs, are more than happy to accommodate the worthless legislation proposed by the pro-life groups. This gets them votes and pro-life endorsements.

The pro-life organizations legitimize the Republicans, and the Republicans legitimize the pro-life organizations. They both win. The one who loses is the helpless preborn whom they both disingenuously claim to care about – but whose suffering they refuse to end.

Only 11 of Oklahoma’s 39 senators signed on to support SB 1118. Many of the senators who refused to support SB 1118 had 100% pro-life voting records from the pro-lfe and pro-family groups.

State legislators and governors need to be prodded to end their cozy relationship with pro-life organizations who seem more interested in prolonging their existence and filling their coffers off the bloody backs of the murdered preborn than they are in abolishing this killing.

Below are five very revealing and at time shocking videos.

[Conversation between abolitionist Russell Hunter and National Right to Life Vice-President Tony Lauinger].

[Conversation between Rusty Thomas of Operation Save America and Tony Lauinger].

[Conversation between Russell Hunter, Rusty Thomas, and Tony Lauinger.]

[Conversation between Tony Lauinger and Lindy Silk (mother of the Senator Joe Silk who introduced SB 1118].

[Interview with Tony Lauinger on Apologia Radio].

[An analysis of the situation].