Governor Walker, Please Stop Lying to Pro-Life Voters

Missionaries to the Preborn
P.O. Box 26931 Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53226

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Walker Administration Bankrolls Planned Parenthood to the Tune of Millions of Tax Dollars

Waukesha: As Governor Scott Walker makes his announcement to run for the White House, Pastor Matt Trewhella, leader of the Milwaukee-based Missionaries to the Preborn, calls upon Governor Walker to come clean about his established record of funding Planned Parenthood – Wisconsin’s #1 killer of the preborn.

“Like many pro-life taxpayers and voters, I am tired of hearing Governor Walker state that he has ‘defunded Planned Parenthood’ when state records show otherwise.” said Pastor Matt Trewhella. “Cutting the funding of Planned Parenthood by 5% and then claiming you have ‘de-funded’ them is rank hypocrisy and newsspeak. We demand that Governor Walker actually zero out Planned Parenthood’s funding, and even moreso, uphold the laws of Wisconsin so that preborn children are protected from a brutal death.”

Last year, 6,462 babies were murdered by abortion in Wisconsin. Since 1973, an estimated 506,181 innocent boys and girls have been aborted in the dairy state. From 2013 to present, Planned Parenthood received a minimum of $39 Million from the taxpayers during the Walker Administration. Planned Parenthood’s Wisconsin franchise has 22 locations and operates 75% of the surgical abortion offices in our state. Nationally, Planned Parenthood had a record income of $1.3 Billion in 2013. According to national reports, Planned Parenthood receives 45% of its income from American taxpayers.

“Governor Walker, we would like to see some honesty come from you and your administration,” said Trewhella. “Rather than signing token legislation such as the 20-week regulation bill, we would like to see some actual ‘bold’ leadership from you and the GOP – defund Planned Parenthood, declare the abolition of abortion in Wisconsin, and uphold Wisconsin’s anti-abortion statute 940.04 in defiance of the federal judiciary.  We have tired of both political parties using the suffering of the preborn for their own political ends.”

“Considering approximately 27,100 babies have been murdered in Wisconsin since Governor Walker took office in 2010, it would be a tremendous mistake on his part to take the pro-life vote for granted,” observed Trewhella. “Any time Governor Walker is not jet-setting to another part of the United States, he is welcome to join me on the sidewalk outside of one of Planned Parenthood’s deathcamps to see how this organization is destroying the next generation.”