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Application of the Doctrine

Thanking Lesser Magistrates that Defy Tyrant Governors

Here is a newspaper editorial letter we found online thanking a sheriff in Nevada for interposing against the mask-mandate of Governor Sisolak. Thanking magistrates who defy tyrants is something we should all do. When you see interposition in your area – contact the magistrate(s) and

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This is what Interposition Looks like

Dan Fisher has served on the Oklahoma legislature for two terms. Dan is now running for governor. His platform includes a promise of interposition for the preborn and open defiance of the federal judiciary and SCOTUS. The murder of the preborn stops in Oklahoma. Dan

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Governor Walker, Please Stop Lying to Pro-Life Voters

Missionaries to the Preborn P.O. Box 26931 Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53226    For Immediate Release Walker Administration Bankrolls Planned Parenthood to the Tune of Millions of Tax Dollars Waukesha: As Governor Scott Walker makes his announcement to run for the White House, Pastor Matt Trewhella, leader

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