Thanking Lesser Magistrates that Defy Tyrant Governors

Here is a newspaper editorial letter we found online thanking a sheriff in Nevada for interposing against the mask-mandate of Governor Sisolak.

Thanking magistrates who defy tyrants is something we should all do. When you see interposition in your area – contact the magistrate(s) and thank and encourage them. You can also strengthen them in their resolve by sharing this sermon with them on the doctrine and/or giving them a copy of the book on the doctrine of the lesser magistrates.

Do not forget – the people must prod their magistrates to do right, and then rally around them when they do.

What is the doctrine of the lesser magistrates?

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Here is the simple thank you in its entirety:

We would like to thank Sherrif Narvaiza for honoring his oath to the United States Constitution, the Nevada State Constitution, and the constitutional rights of Elko County residents in not enforcing the mandates of Governor Sisolak regarding masks.

To Elko County residents, it is refreshing to know that we have a lawful sheriff who understands the laws this nation was founded upon.

For those unaware that nullifying an unconstitutional law or mandate is lawful, we urge you to read The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate (i.e. any elected county official) by Matt Trewhella. It says, “When a superior civil authority (such as our federal or state government) makes unjust laws, policies, or court opinions, the lesser-ranking civil authority (such as governors or a sheriff) has the right and duty not to obey the higher authority, and if necessary, to actively resist the superior authority.”